Monday, June 16, 2014

Chrysalis - old work edited

That's all we do, 
Cackle, laugh and tease, 
Sulk, pretend and smile before the end of every goodbye.
I turn it around,
It is still there, in my pocket, warm and snug,
The assurance of knowing.
You will be there to meet me the next day.
To share some of your life,
And to receive mine in return.
The world whirls on outside,
In a bitter snow storm.
Inside a cocoon, it's easier.
The cold hasn't touched us.
Not just yet.
The world has yet to plumb us
To depths we don't want to discover.
But the assurance in my pocket is turning lukewarm.
Telling me, a cocooned warmth is a stage of chrysalis,
So that we need to break out and fly free.
Maybe I will stumble on you as a bright flower,
Maybe feel you as the breeze on my wings,
You will exist somewhere in the world,
And it will be the pause till the next time we meet.


murtaza.amin said...

Nice to have you back!!!

Kasturi said...

Thanks Murtaza - I definitely need to write better, so intend to write oftener :) Thanks for reading and commenting and visiting :)

murtaza.amin said...

2:16 AM????? Ever heard that the night is for sleeping??? lol

Kasturi said...

Arre nahi yaar - it was in the afternoon I replied - this blog is acting up...Trust me, I love my beauty sleep :)

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