Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reality doesn’t bite anymore, it entertains

So Kamal Khan (in) famously known as KRK, at the home of Big Boss, in a fit of (scripted?) fury lashes out at fellow inmates and in the heat of the moment hurls a bottle at them. Not so grievously injured inmates and grievously injured egos do it for KRK and he is out of our lives for the moment, or so we would like to think. There he is back again in our drawing rooms telling us his version of the story on news channels…controversy certainly woos publicity, especially from the ‘breaking news’ hungry news channels and we keep seeing re-runs of the great bottle throw across channels.

Welcome to the lah lah land of reality TV. Every channel now has woken up to the‘reality’ of reality shows. They sure seem to work. Roadies did it for MTV and Big Boss for Sony. And just how many tear jerking soap operas can the channels churn out. So here they are; the next in line to numb our minds.

From public declarations of extra marital affairs (Sach ka Samna) to the choicest abuses and backstabbing specials in a dating game (Splitsvilla) to Swayamwar of item girls (Rakhi ka Swayamvar) they sure are dredging them out from everywhere. Borrowing from Baby Borrowers (Patni, Patni aur Woe, yeah yeah this is how I like to spell it), Big Boss from Big Brother and then just plain making it up as they go (Part II: Rahul’s Swayamwar)…So there are girls just waiting to be the ‘perfect bride’ and some slugging it out to be perfect parents, models overcoming their fears and phobia’s to become khiladi’s and then some volunteering to slug it out in a jungle (I don’t know about the creepy crawlies, but the contestants sure behaved like animals)

Where do we go from here? To the slums and to relive past lives, presumably. Another channel that wants to make its presence known and garner much needed TRP’s is putting its swish, ignorant- of –the- hardships of life contestants in slums, and yet another is planning on inviting us into the past lives of celebrities (we know all about their present lives, silly) through a past life regression analysis.

So after a hard day’s work, when you want to vegetate in front of the idiot box, trust me you get to do just that.
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