Tuesday, August 17, 2010

musing of the moment

Its funny if you really think about it. The fact that you can worry and fret and plan the future, but how much ever you try, you cant put yourself in its shoes.The future almost always is completely different than what you'd imagine it to be, unless of course its a dentist's appointment.

For the most part however, the 'future' remains an intangible, hypothetical concept which can be fully experienced and savoured then, only in that point of time in future. Like a rich dark belgian chocolate, it makes sense to savour it then, than imagine it now in excruciating detail.

The past too is not a place you can physically go to and re-organise the skeletons in your cupboard. So you literally have to let bygones be bygones.And for that I for one, am sincerely glad.
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