Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New country

A new country opens up its boundaries
Every once in a while in my head
Offers a ticket to a new destination
A passport to the unknown
To mingle with strangers in a strange land
Beckoning me with new hope
That maybe this is the country
I will end up calling home

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Tags and designations can harm more than help is what I increasing feel these days. Once we tag something, we end up taking it too seriously. I call you my best friend, suddenly makes me or you feel like we need to live up to the tag. Call me your other half, girlfriend, suddenly I need to live up to that tag. I dont mean relationships should be frivolous or not have depth. But why cant they just evolve into something, anything, without expectations and societal definitions. Why cant we give them the breathing space to move in any direction - a discovery which leads to the destination, than determining the destination and then journeying towards it ferociously.
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