Saturday, April 21, 2012

Musing on the concept of marriage

Marriage. An eight letter word that feels like a four lettered word these days. Why does everyone assume that if you are not married you must be terribly unhappy? That something vital is missing in your life - like the sun to your planets.The centre of gravity could be different for everyone. Is marriage supposed to be the centre or the source that holds all the threads in your life together? And what if the centre shifts, the marriage heads for a breakdown - is it supposed to be the end of your universe? What is wrong with just a fulfilling relationship? Does it need a tag, sanction or approval from society to be what it is? I know many people who have married for security, only to never find it in a marriage. Many who have married to alleviate loneliness, to have never found companionship. Of course these may be the exceptions and maybe you attain your life's purpose only after you've finally learnt how to co-habit with another person legally - but it can't be the right prescription for everyone. One medicine for all maladies? Musing continues....

Thursday, April 12, 2012


My answers are a result of a series of questions I ask myself. My answers could be different from yours, because my questions could be different from yours. #Givingandtakingadvicedoesn'twork.
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