Saturday, September 26, 2009

Musings some and Observations some

Whats with AB?....Why why would he take up something like anchoring Big Boss? One can see him as the host for KBC: understated, suave, the poser of intelligent queries, maintaining the fine line between approachable and intimidating... but what is he doing as the host of a vacuummed -of-intelligence voyueristic freak show? Guess AB is too busy with advertisements to take time out for introspection or is it that AB the persona is bigger than AB the person and we expect too much from a man who can be bought for too little...

Moving from AB and his principles or lack of them, whats with this city and and the redevelopment mania?...recently took a walk along a convenient short cut on an errand, and felt like alice would have on tumbling into wonderland...gone were the quaint old buildings,replaced with cookie cutter towers. All look principally the same, tall to qualify as a tower,painted in bright colours, sporting fancy names, a compound full of shiny parked cars and a surly looking watchman. So though miss the sight of charming old lived- in buildings,am glad atleast employment through watchmen and daily wage labourers is on the rise...

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