Thursday, February 18, 2010

MNIK quick verdict - All hoopla, no heart

I have been wondering did the rest of the world and I go see two separate versions of the movie? I really didn’t find it ‘inherently sincere’ as Rajeev Masand put it and I certainly didn’t find it worthy of the five stars that TOI bestowed on it.
The marketing is way better than the end product. I don’t know if I can say end product, since didn’t stick to watching it till the end.
But overall found the movie (the first half at least– since that’s all I saw) to be fake, shallow and superficial trying to take the higher ground. The dialogues are amateurish, Kajol is screechy and over the top, the guy who plays her kid is so damn right down irritating and SRK as the bumbling but sincere autistic guy can grate on your nerves and you want to yell at him – ok come back to normal right now!
Films like these which deal with sensitive issues, need to be dealt with far more depth and sensitivity than marrying Kurbaan with K3G.
So Karan needs to get into introspection mode pronto, leave these kinds of films for filmmakers of the likes of shimit amin and rakesh mehra, and get back to those extravagant family dramas I so used to like…


Neelanjana said...

As most cynics trailers are usually better than the movie itself

Kasturi said...

yeah i think i will stick to watching only trailers of SRK's movies for a while!

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