Friday, May 21, 2010

Maximum city review

A book that hits you just like the overpowering stench that emanates between mahim and dadar from open train doors.Suketu Mehta's Maximum city brings into our clean pristine shuttered Mumbai lives,the grisly reality that we roll up our car windows against.
The glass partition that separates us from the spit splattered streets, the overflowing garbage, the lives that flourish in the shanties is rolled down and how.
Its a book that opens up the can of worms that Mumbai is and overturns it, leaving you to inspect your life in this teeming metropolis.
It is in much parts voyeuristic, and takes you deep inside the labyrinth that makes up Mumbai's murky underbelly.You are led through back doors of beer bars , front doors of brothels,the killer minds of the ganglords and the crowded lives in the slums.
The only negatives being,the experiences at places seem disjointed - the author seems to want to cram in it all from bollywood to bar dancers. And at places you recognize a clear attempt to shock and sensationalise.
Barring that, its a must read for every mumbaikar - only if you can stomach it, that is

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