Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Review: Tere Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden, try saying it aloud….it’s a little like saying Lord Voldemort instead of you-know-who and have everyone wincing or dropping what they are holding. The man has single handedly inspired terror of which even Gabbar Singh, whose name was enough to induce fear in sleepless little children, would approve.

I have a friend who can draw parallels between branding and the most unlikely concepts and situations. This sounds like one of those situations. Marketing companies could take lessons from Osama. Coke, Marlboro and Budweiser have serious competition for the most recognized brand in the world. Try standing in any corner of the world holding his photograph. Chances are that’s the last thing you will have done before spending a goodish time behind the bars.

So much so, that he has now a movie to his name. Which brings me to the said movie....Tere Bin Laden
Tere Bin Laden is a small budget movie with poor production values, or maybe that’s how dismal and drab Pakistan really looks like. The first half of the movie tries real hard to get access to your funny bone with wigs flying off in the wind, the cute looking Ali Zafar being deported for handing over a dropped knife back to the air hostess who cries foul, and other weird unfunny incidents during which you get ample time to ruminate on questions like: Shit, movies are so subjective, and humour all the more, so why am I here on the recommendation of someone whose idea of humour very well could be a Priyadarshan movie?

But mercifully and I really mean mercifully things start picking up in the second half of the movie. The guy who plays Osama is quite cute especially the way he speaks in Punjabi. Ali Zafar, his crony and others suddenly seem to get the hang of acting and start looking convincing. The movie and its characters out of nowhere, suddenly grow on you and the film does manage to make you laugh at places.

Overall the best bit about the movie is the sheer audacity of its plot. The fact that the movie manages to do what America hasnt managed,with all its bombing. It has brought Osama down, merely by turning the world’s most feared terrorist into a caricature.

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RLS said...

Hi Kasturi,

Rightfully put... the movie has managed to 'almost' provide a solution to the current war like scenario. To be honest with you... i lost my self in the simplicity of the story and ignored technical compatibilty including acting. The art direction was not shoddy but almost real... i want the DVD for another dekko... :)

i will not be surprised if someday it will become a cult... my fav scene... the competitin among roosters on who has the best 'crow'.. :) English is a phunny language... roosters crow... that was a gem of an idea. No way the story lagged or slowed down. Not a classic but has the strappings of a classic... possibly for a good chuckle on a rainy day with friends. You may add Kamal R Khan's "Desh Drohi" to this genre of movies... have fun... good piece again... :D

Kasturi said...

Hey RLS....gee i seem to have left ratnakar behind....hey ratnakar, thanks :-) yeah i was just thinking along the same lines, it is going to be a cult movie like andaz apna apna and jaane bhi do yaaron....though i personally think nothing really can touch Jaane bhi do yaaron...

the movie i felt kinda took time to pick up speed, but once it did, i realised it took that time to set up all the characters...and hey its a decent enough movie, please dont say it is in the same genre as desh drohi, and on that note please tell me you didnt watch desh drohi?!!! ....

Raindrop said...

Here's a review I liked. You are right, the first half makes you wonder why am I watching this moview and the second haf picks up just before you are about to give up.

I chose this one over 'I hate love stories' which released at the same time and it remains one of my wisest film decisions till date.

Kasturi said...

:) I agree with the wisest decision bit compared to I Hate Luv Story's...saw some of it and noora and gang are sure far ahead

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