Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Free to fly

Halogen filled red balloons,
Or multi -coloured paper kites,
They fullfill their destiny,
Only when they are set free to soar in the skies.


murtaza.amin said...

Isn't it important to be tied down to something solid and secure rather than just float about aimlessly???

Kasturi said...

Tied down is the word - it is stifling in a lot of senses. It should be something like a tree I guess, roots that hold you firm in place and the tree is free to reach out to the sky. And maybe somethings are not meant to be tied down - like kites and balloons, they are made to fly and wander aimlessly, look over the world from a vantage point and wear out gradually one day - maybe :)

murtaza.amin said...

Kites and balloons don't last for long if they don't have an anchor, ;)

Kasturi said...

ya...I would imagine :) but they enjoy the view nevertheless before they snuff out :)

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