Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mental Floss #1

Isn't happiness or to be happy a choice? Just like choosing your favourite flavour of coffee :)


murtaza.amin said...

If only it was so simple!!!

Kasturi said... are not, I mean absolutely not allowed to be pessimistic on my blog!!!!!!!

Kidding Murtuza! :) But how about looking at the bright side once in a while....once in a while is too much to ask??????? :)

And you know what, actually truly, for me sometimes it is that simple, try it :)

murtaza.amin said...

You are the optimistic one. Someone has to be there to provide a counter view, lol. Two sides of a coin and all that :)
The spelling is Murtaza not Murtuza, :p

Kasturi said...

Ha ha ha, yeah thanks for balancing out the optimism, but I'd really like you on my side instead :) Yes Murtaza, mistake happens!!

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