Thursday, March 1, 2012

We are

We are atoms. We are open scars.We are a million short stories.We are molecules.We are pent-up wishes. We are 10 trillion cells. We are repressed passions. We are someone's past. We are lines on a palm. We are heart, brain and mind all welded together. We are hope carriers. We are someone else's opinion of ourselves. We are slaves, we are masters. We are the keepers of conscience and insults. We are a beating heart-in-the-mouth.We are all selfish.We are synapses between neurons of the world. We are possibilities waiting to happen.We are all a little broken.We are love seekers.We are prejudiced bigots. We are dreamers. We are eyes that see too much. We are deeply held convictions. We are indestructible souls. We are the truth that will set us free. We are creative impulses. We are living lies. We are pleasure chasers. We are the urgency of desire. We are mirrors. We are happiness makers. We are...if you think about it, just another footnote in the pages of a single chapter of the universe.


Max Babi said...

This quote is amazing - I would like to use it in my upcoming book, 'Makiing Sense Of Serendipity' can you please grant me the permission, if it is your own quote? Or point me to the source, if it is not?
Many thanks, regards,

Kasturi said...

Hi Max,

This is a short verse written by me. I would like to know the context in which it will be used. Thanks.

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